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With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our nation in all aspects of life, many people face unemployment and financial hardships across the country, the Nasi Lemak Movement aims to raise funds for families in need through Kasi Sayang, a one-month virtual fundraising initiative, from 15 August until 12 September 2021.

This initiative will feature two events – an e-sports tournament and a virtual fundraising concert that will be held within the one-month period. Ultimately, our target is to maximise the amount of funds raised for our beneficiary, Hunger Hurts. All funds raised will be channeled to their ongoing project, Feed A Kid.



Hunger Hurts Malaysia is a youth formed NGO that is currently registered under the Registrar of Society.
Our main aim is to eradicate poverty across Malaysia by providing basic necessities, providing access to education and by raising awareness on current issues of poverty to the public.



A project initiated to provide underprivileged families across Malaysia with a month’s worth of basic necessities and groceries to ease their financial burden. We cater to families from both Semenanjung and East Malaysia. With Sabah being the poorest state in Malaysia, the pandemic hit families there the worst. Hence, Hunger Hurts has started the initiative to assist with the conditions there. We have helped 2397 families and counting.


A 2-in-1 initiative aimed at helping B40-run F&B businesses stay afloat through these trying times while feeding individuals from underpriviledged communities for just RM10 per meal. We partner with multiple businesses every month to ensure we help as many affected vendors as possible. Currently, we have successfully partnered with 4 vendors and have fed 800 underpriviledged individuals and counting.


A project in response to the White Flag / Bendera Putih Movement, where we have set up 6 food banks in Petaling Jaya, Ampang, Meru, Jalan Ipoh and 2 in Sabah. Besides having set up food banks, we deliver grocery boxes and baby aid to families in urgent need on a weekly basis. We have successfully aided roughly 580 individuals and counting.





Date: 28 & 29 August 2021

Time: 4:00 – 9:15PM MYT

Registration Period: 15 to 22 August 2021

Entry Fee: RM25 per person, RM 125 per team

The knockout rounds will be live streamed on The Nasi Lemak Movement Facebook Page and audience members will be given the opportunity to watch the tournament while supporting a good cause via donations in the chat section. 

Date: 11 September 2021

Time: 8:00 to 11:00 PM MYT

Platform: Live on The Nasi Lemak Movement’s Facebook Page








Date: 11 September 2021

Time: 8:00 to 11:00 PM MYT

Platform: Live on The Nasi Lemak Movement’s Facebook Page


Frequently Asked Questions

About TNLM

Fundraising Initiative


Konsert Kasi Sayang

What is The Nasi Lemak Movement?

The Nasi Lemak Movement (TNLM) is ICMS’ latest Flagship project formed to advocate for and proactively contribute to the betterment of the entire Malaysian youth society by addressing relevant social issues.

What programmes do The Nasi Lemak Movement organise?

Among the programmes that the Movement is organising during the present tenure is our first mentorship programme, #KitaBantuKita which targeted 16 – 18 year old students coming from the B40 community. Additionally, we are now organising a virtual fundraiser and will be planning for community projects in the near future for the benefit of the society.

Are the programmes organised open to public?

Our mentorship programme is on an invitational basis to ensure that we are able to guide the ones in need and provide them with resources that they may not receive elsewhere. However, we are planning for some initiatives that could be accessible to the public. Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media pages to find opportunities when you can participate!

How can I be informed about TLNM’s future programmes and campaigns?

We are active on our Instagram page, @thenasilemakmovement. Any event or important news will be announced on the page.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Hunger Hurts?

We wanted to fundraise for a cause that can target as many families in need, compared to one where we raise funds for expensive items but help fewer families. Hunger Hurts is the best choice based on their recent initiatives.


What methods of payment do you accept?

All donations made would be done through our iPay88 platform on our website. Therefore, you can pay using a debit/credit card (UnionPay), online banking (FPX) or e-wallet, including Boost, Grab, MAE, MCash, NETS Pay QR, ShopeePay and Touch ‘N Go eWallet.


Is there a minimum donation amount that an individual can donate?

Nope! You can donate whichever amount you wish. 


Why did you choose to organise an e-sport tournament?

We wanted a fresh initiative that is also relevant and appealing to the youth. As e-sport is an up-and-coming field, this is a great opportunity to empower youth in contributing for a good cause while doing something they enjoy!


How will the tournament be conducted?

The tournament will be a Valorant tournament, spread out over two days and comprising 32 teams. On Day 1, each team will play three matches in a four-team grouping. The top teams from each grouping progress to Day 2, which will be conducted in a knockout structure.

Who will be eligible to join the tournament?

Anyone and everyone in Malaysia is eligible to join, including current ICMS Associates and Alumni!

What is the entry fee?

Each participant has to pay an entry fee of RM25. 100% of the proceeds will go towards our beneficiary, HungerHurts Malaysia.

Do I need to be a professional gamer to join?

Nope, the competition is open to everyone! However, you may be matched against strong teams, so do prepare for it!

Which rounds will be livestreamed?

Both semi final games and the final.


Can I contribute extra on top of the entry fee?

Of course you can! We have a donation page set up on our website, which you can find here.


Why did you choose to have a virtual concert?

The virtual fundraising concert provides viewers who would like to lend a helping hand to those who are in need with a trusted platform to do so while enjoying local performances, and gives the Malaysian talents a platform to shine while doing a good deed.


How will the concert be conducted?

It will be a 2 to 3-hour virtual concert which will be joined by guest performers and live streamed on Facebook, with the fundraising link pinned to the sidebar.


Do I need to pay to watch the concert?

No. The concert will be live streamed for free on The Nasi Lemak Movement Facebook page. While enjoying the performances, we hope that you can donate via the fundraising link to join us in our journey of helping as many families in need!